Great game+Great drinks = Great Fiesta! Fiesta Bowl Partners with 3 Amigos

Fiesta Bowl partners with 3 Amigos Tequila, a local and award winning tequila. The 3 Amigos’ gameplan is to provide excellent drinks for the fans and to support the positive community outreach that the Fiesta Bowl provides for local charities.


A Perfect Match

3 Amigos Tequila is excited to be partnering with the upcoming Fiesta Bowl, providing margaritas for the pregame parties December 30th. 3 Amigos is proud to be a partner with the Fiesta Bowl and be part of their mission of helping local charities. “We feel that this was a perfect match, we are proud for the community service that the Fiesta Bowl provides for the folks in need and the excited for the memories the Fiesta Bowl provides for their fans!” – Ralph Gonzalez COO. The Make-a-Wish Arizona and Jobs for Arizona’s Graduates, Inc. are just a few charities that the Fiesta Bowl supports that in turn gives a lending hand to those in need.

The Fiesta Bowl

The Fiesta Bowl is a world-class community organization that executes innovative experiences, drives economic growth and champions charitable cause, inspiring pride in all Arizonans. As a non-profit organization, it believes in the importance of community outreach and service. Through charitable giving, the organizations that contribute to the success of communities through youth, sports, and education. Since 1971, the Fiesta Bowl has worked to increase its footprint across the state and work to benefit Arizonans year round, during and outside of bowl season.

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3 Amigos Tequila

Local. Hard-working. Family owned and operated. Those are just a few ways to describe Arizona’s own award-winning spirit, 3 Amigos Tequila. Beginning in the valley in 2006, 3 Amigos Tequila has worked to become a popular favorite to Arizonans, with their distinct quality and strong work ethic. The 3 Amigos Tequila family takes pride in working with other local businesses and families to help each other grow.

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