Extra Anejo
3 Amigos Tequila
3 Amigos Tequila
3 Amigos Tequila

Building on 3 Amigos Legendary Heritage, 3 Amigos introduces their 8 year Extra Anejo, that embodies the commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and artistry with the perfect balance of aroma, flavor, and texture. A handcrafted all natural presentation, comes from finest 100% Blue Agave Tequila from Los Altos de Jalisco, then aged for 8 years in white American charred oak. You can enjoy this fine tequila neat in a snifter glass or in a rocks glass.

Source – 100% Blue Weber Agave

Aging – 8 years in White American Charred Oak

Color – Radiant and deep amber full body color

Aroma – Present is a sophisticated aroma with balanced notes of oak and cocoa. soft notes of floral and moderate notes of dry fruit, with sweet cooked agave.

Taste – In the palate, there are predominate notes of chocolate, vanilla, caramel, dry apple and dry sweet pear.

Finish – There are nuances of almond, sweet flavors of ripe fruits, vanilla and a long smooth finish of oak.


40% Alc. Vol

Available in: 750 ML


“The 3 Amigos Extra Anejo is an excellent tequila… color is beautiful, a little pepper at the start and finish, deep and complex, very smooth”

– PROOF 66Certifications