Blanco Tequila
Blanco Tequila
Blanco Tequila

Our 3 Amigos Blanco Tequila is also known as a “Silver Tequila” and/or “Plata Tequila”. This spirit is made from 100% Ripe Blue Agave, grown in Los Altos de Jalisco. This award winning Blanco was crafted for sipping and making premium cocktails. Enjoy in a snifter glass to savor the citrus notes from the Blue Weber Agave. What makes us different? We simply use healthier and ripe blue agave.

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Source – 100% Blue Weber Agave

Color – Clear

Aroma – Cooked agave with a hint of spice

Taste – Hint of butter and vanilla

Finish – Clean and dry

GLUTEN FREE 40% Alc. Vol Available in: 1.75L, 750 ML, 50 ML


The taste is very pleasant, with more sweet cooked agave, a slight fruitiness, and a touch of spice. The body has a medium mouthfeel, leaning to the lighter end of the spectrum – just right for its age.” -TEQUILA.NET