“You can never be poor when you have a good family.”
Born and raised in Jalisco, Mexico, Santiago Gonzalez spent his childhood surrounded by 2 things: The Farm and The Family. Santiago grew a passion for farming and learned the value of hard work early in his youth, having planted his first crop of corn at the age of 9 with a team of oxen. Santiago loved his upbringing in Mexico, and always having family with him. Santiago has always believed there is nothing more important than family.
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Santiago Gonzalez

Santiago Gonzalez comes from humble beginnings. Often stating, “When you started walking, you started working” and since he started walking, he hasn’t stopped working. Farming has long been his passion. Growing crops of watermelons, onions, potatoes and farm feed in Arizona for decades, he knows first hand what goes into making a quality product. When 3 Amigos Tequila was founded, Santiago and the brothers knew that they had something special for everyone. Santiago is proud of what his family has built and is motivated to keep building the future with and for his family.